Finding the Right Kitchen Cabinets For Your Renovation

Recent changes in the kitchen cabinet business have produced better cabinets at lower prices. The key to finding these better kitchen cabinets is to shop online and use the right type of kitchen cabinet searches. I will explain what I found, how I save thousands of dollars and what an internet search is and how it can help you find things quickly.

The first thing I learned while looking for kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanities was that the un-assembled or RTA cabinets were a better buy than assembled cabinets. These kitchen cabinets or bathroom vanities are frequently referred to as “RTA kitchen cabinets or RTA bathroom vanities”. Simply put – if you choose to assemble your own kitchen cabinets, you will save a good deal of money. So now that you learned what an RTA kitchen cabinet or RTA bathroom vanity is, the next question you might have is the quality of this product. It is a good question and very pertinent in today’s building industry. Let’s face it; there is a lot of junk being sold that should not be put into your house. Stores like Home Depot and Lowe’s sell very low quality kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanities. (I know you might say, they have some nice stuff, but the quality stuff they do sell is over four times the cost of good RTA products). So avoid these stores and read on.

Shopping online is fast becoming the preferred method of choice when it comes to home improvement shopping. Of course you cannot buy lumber or drywall online, but your kitchen cabinets, lighting, bathroom supplies, and bathroom vanities can all be purchased online for about thirty percent less than buying from a big box retail store. Your next question could be: How is this possible? You probably have been overwhelmed with advertisements form the Home Depot and Lowe’s. These stores want you to believe they have the best prices. It is simply not true. Yes, buy lumber from them, these super store buy in bulk and can give a good price, but the super stores cannot compete with online pricing for RTA kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanities. A big reason for this is because the online stores have less overhead and small costs for advertising. Think of the amount of commercials you see for the super hardware stores, this massive advertising budget is directly subsidized by the higher retail prices that you were going to pay. Shopping online automatically gives you a better price on kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanities.

So when you’re online – expedite or quicken your search by using “keywords”. These words are phrases like “RTA kitchen cabinets”. Easier words will get you directly to the sites that will save you money. Typing in a phrase like kitchen cabinets will get you too may results and will not get you to the money saving RTA kitchen cabinets.

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Replacing Your Cabinet Pulls Can Be a Quick and Cheap Home Improvement

There are many times when we get frustrated with the way our kitchen looks. We want to do this or do that, but those things cost money. Normally, they cost a lot of money which we do not have. Some people take out a loan or even charge the renovation on a credit card or two. These normally are not great ideas, but what other options are there?

For one, just by upgrading your cabinet pulls can make a world of difference. New pulls can often give the look of an entire new kitchen. These are a breeze to change yourself and take little time too. Perhaps you will spend a few bucks on the new pulls, but overall it is pennies in comparison to an entire redone kitchen.

You can often find these new pulls in any home improvement store or even online. The shipping may be costly if you order a bunch, but there may be some free shipping specials if you order in bulk. It does not hurt to shop around for the best price. Also, simple local stores may have these too, you would be surprised.

Installing them normally just takes a screwdriver or other simple tool. The main thing to think about is getting the right size. You do not want to have to drill any new holes or patch up and y old holes from the old hardware. I think these tips will save you a bunch of money. Do not panic and go redo everything yet, try this first.

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Revive Your Kitchen With New Cabinet Handles

Kitchens quickly lose their appeal when the features start to wear down, making the overall appearance or theme of the kitchen look older than what it really is. When searching for solutions for reviving a kitchen, many homeowners want a solution that is ‘do it yourself’, thus a project that can be done in short periods of time, relatively stress-free, and cheap in costs. While this is a huge challenge, as most kitchens remodeling projects require a professional in home remodeling, and not to forget about the extensive time and dedication to be able to complete with success, there are little tricks to making a kitchen look new. How so? Through the renovation through new kitchen cabinet handles!

One solution of how to upgrade the kitchen cabinets is through new cabinet handles. With cabinet handles, they can add texture to the overall kitchen design. Kitchen cabinet hardware is the detail that brings all the components of the kitchen together. By making this small replacement, you bring a noticeable change and freshness to the kitchen’s appearance, and best of all you will not breaking the budget! Remember when replacing the cabinet handles to match the style from the cabinet itself that is if your kitchen is contemporary or traditional styles. Even more, drawer handles can be replaced in similar fashion as the cabinet handles were done. However, you want to make sure you purchase the appropriate handles that correspond with the drawers, instead of cabinet handles.

Another idea is looking for home hardware that is at a cheap price, yet is still a quality product. The best solution for this is to research and visit home hardware warehouses or auctions. These two resources offer the latest fashions and trend in home remodels, as well give out their products in high bulk and low prices. These places are able to do so because home hardware in major retailers charge extra fees for selling the hardware items. Thus, by cutting out the middle man, one can purchase great products at cheap prices. Maybe you just cannot afford to make replacements on new cabinet handles? Well, another solution is through a simple sanding and painting job! Find a color that will make your handles stand out from the cabinet, and bring focus to the entire kitchen. For example, if you have a cream colored kitchen, then work with an orange or crimson color for the cabinets. This type of project is super cheap, and can be done in a day!

Now knowing these simple renovations, any do it yourself project for kitchen remodeling is now realistic! Just remember to take your time to prepare and study up on exactly what you want done to your kitchen, where you can find the kitchen pieces needed to complete the project, and what will make your kitchen stand out without going over your budget! Reviving a kitchen is about small details and making indirect changes and upgrades. Happy renovating!

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Don’t Ignore Your Cabinet Hardware

As a child, you most likely were told to clean your room. Did you try to cram everything under your bed and in your closet? Chances are, you were caught and then had to spend even more time de-cluttering your room. As adults, we are guilty of a similar crime: cramming pots, pans and food items in our cabinets and pantries. Have you ever taken the time to examine the doors you’re hiding items behind? Over the years, the nicks, dings, cracks and spills accumulate on your kitchen cabinet hardware and inevitably illustrate a home well worn in, stains and all. But just as we were told as children, you cannot ignore the reality that you should replace your cabinet hardware!

Check It and Chuck It
Evaluate the cabinetry in both your kitchen and bathroom. Look for major problems such as splintering wood and cracked frames as well as loose hinges, crooked hanging, stubborn drawer slides and missing nails. Of course, salvage what you can. Even if your cabinets are outdated and the finish is unsightly, a quick buff with sandpaper and a fresh coat of finish will save you more money than simply purchasing a new set of cabinet units. However, you also should let bygones be bygones; if you cannot easily reverse the damage, throw it out or add it to your wood pile!

Shop Around for Home Hardware
Though installing new cabinet units is quite easy, it is also easy to simply forget all the necessary items you’ll need for this project. Be sure to write down the number of nails, hinges and cabinet handles you will need. It’s always best to buy a few extra items just in case something goes awry. Additionally, purchasing these items in bulk might save you a few nickels and dimes which definitely add up over time!

Mix and Match
With all your cabinet items purchased, you’ll be ready to reinstall your new fixtures. However, not all cabinets are alike. Appliances in your kitchen that are often tugged on or carelessly slammed shut should be equipped with thicker, more durable cabinet pulls such as stainless steel. Other cabinet knobs should compliment your appliances and overall style previously established in the kitchen. Do not add wacky colors or jagged-edged knobs. Rather, simple French country kitchen knobs will suite just about any homeowner’s tastes and can be purchased to match any color scheme. For an ultra-modern feel, opt for glass knobs that are sturdy, timeless and can be created to match specific patterns

Contrarily, bathroom cabinet knobs are primarily decorative and are a great place to install novelty knobs in fun, interesting shapes, colors and sizes. Consider using larger sized knobs for shelves that are used most frequently or are harder to reach-this will prevent you falling off of chairs and tables as you wildly grasp for the minuscule handle!

Safety and Security Options
In addition to choosing what interesting styles and colors your cabinet woodwork and knobs should include, you should also consider safety devices. Small children love to climb and play with pots and pans. That is why it is absolutely critical that all kitchen cabinet hardware be securely tightened and installed so that no loose nails, hinges or handles cause any accidents when weight is applied. Security locks and catches can be easily installed to the top of each cabinet’s corner.

Most likely, you store harmful chemical agents below your sink or in your bathroom. Drop down latches are the easiest to install to prevent any spills or accidental ingestion; however, these security items are easily figured out so be sure to watch your little ones!

To dissuade guests and children, install cabinets with finger wells; finger wells are hard to see and even harder to use (for children). If you are very concerned about curious hands, simple install a key pay that locks sliding cabinets and hinged doors.

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Shop Around For Discount Cabinet Hardware

All too often people spend way too much money when they buy kitchen cabinet accessories. But it’s simple right? The best discount cabinet hardware is the stuff that comes along with the cabinets in the showroom or online. Wrong! Buying the accessories such as knobs, hinges and inserts at the same time as the cabinets can save you time but makes you lose out on discount cabinet hardware to be found when you use a four point buying strategy.

1. Shop around. It is the only way to make sure you get the best discount cabinet hardware. You will be amazed at the price disparities for identical items even between Internet sites. But first decide on the kind of hardware you want for your new look kitchen or bathroom. Try not to be distracted by the enormous variety and choice on discount cabinet hardware. One look, at say Amerock online or in their stores and you will be spoilt for choice. But do not buy the first contemporary design knob or ‘antique’ hinge you find because there are three more strategies for getting a good discount.

2. Wait for the bargain times. Check out and sign up with the wholesalers, retailers and manufacturers online. Amerock, Emtek, Baldwin and all the other brand names will have discount periods with large price cuts to turn their stocks over. You can’t afford not to wait.

3. Buy in bulk if possible with cash. Sellers like large orders and do give money off as the number of items rises. ‘Cash is king’ in business and when the hardware companies don’t have to pay fees to the credit card companies. You may only want enough kitchen cabinet hardware for your remodeling project but discounts can be had when you find other people who are remodeling too, especially small construction companies. Wholesalers do more discount cabinet hardware because they buy their stock in large quantities from the manufacturers and pass them on to customers. Discounts can be had across the whole range from modern stainless steel hinges to oil rubbed bronze knobs.

4. Try price comparison sites. The more you know about the hardware you want to buy, for example with the product number and name the easier it will be to find discounts through the price comparison websites that survey the market for you and then hook you up with the supplier that offers the best deal. Every discount cabinet hardware company can be found on the Internet. They sell and dispatch directly to the customer.

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Discount Cabinet Hardware – Buying the Best at Affordable Prices

There is no dearth of discount cabinet hardware on the market. All you have to do is to make trips to these markets online and offline and you would find these in abundance. You would get them in a huge range from the contemporary designs to the antique loved by many. No doubt, superb quality hardware can be expensive.

Hence, during some period in the year, most wholesalers, retailers and manufacturers run sales wherein they sell their stuff at huge discounts to attract the customers.

Another idea to purchase discount cabinet hardware is to buy in bulk. Most manufacturers tend to offer promising discounts when they see a lot of their stuff is going away from their shop. If you do not want a lot of discount cabinet hardware for your use alone, find someone who is also looking for it and purchase in bulk. You would be surprised at the discounts offered.

Another way to avail fabulous discounts on discount cabinet hardware purchase is to purchase it from a wholesale dealer. Manufacturers supplying hardware in bulk are definitely going to provide some affordable options. You can even know about a shop where they sell on discounts.

Many discount cabinet hardware companies also sell their stuff via the World Wide Web. Now, this provides you an opportunity to enjoy heavy discounts on your purchase. You would not face any problem related to quality or timely delivery. Most online shops tend to provide quality guarantee and discounts in conjunction with a promise of timely shipment. When purchasing the hardware only, you can go through a catalog and opt for the product you are looking forward to purchase.

Here are some important points to consider when purchasing cabinet hardware on discounts.

Call a professional: When thinking of purchasing new Discount cabinet hardware for your home, you need to the available space and the cabinets that already exist. This will let you know what exactly your kitchen or bathroom actually requires. This will also save you a lot of money.
Compare: Once you have decided to purchase the hardware, do not buy it from the first store that you happen to visit. Visit a lot of stores online and offline to make a cost effective and wise deal.
Save time: You can save a lot of time when purchasing discount cabinet hardware online. All you require to do is to sit at your home conveniently and order for your stuff.
Beware: Do not purchase the hardware in a hurry just because they are put on heavy sales. These may also lack in quality. Hence, you need to check thoroughly, the quality, design and actual price prior to actually making a decision.

Purchasing discount cabinet hardware can be a great decision. These can make your home look beautiful and more functional. All you require to do is to keep all the points mentioned above in mind prior to spending your hard-earned money to ensure a wise investment.

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